Welcome to the Women’s History Month edition of the BNC Newsletter! It’s my pleasure to highlight the growing body of information resources that BNCs can use for classroom instruction, informal learning activities and digital outreach through the Office of American Spaces website. There are films, posters, and other programming material,  such as Women’s History Month content, for incorporating with your curriculum and cultural activities. Since February, you have been receiving content specific to international celebrations and policy priorities by email from us to help augment English language learning and share American culture. We ask you to provide feedback on the usefulness of this material.

On my continuing orientation to Argentina, Lucy Di Génova joined me on a site visit to Rosario’s ARICANA in February where we did deep dive sessions with the staff. Each respective department has their own strategic planning documents that are aligned with the institution’s overarching strategy, a best practice worth sharing with all of you as well as for enhancing the work we do at the Embassy.