Proyecto Bicentenario: “Capsula del tiempo”


Es un Proyecto de A.T.I.C.A.N.A. mediante el cual se guardara información de los alumnos que asisten actualmente al instituto, del personal que trabaja en el instituto junto con información institucional y noticias locales e internacionales de la actualidad, dentro de una Capsula del Tiempo que será guardada y preservada hasta el año 2055, año del CENTENARIO de A.T.I.C.A.N.A., momento en el que será abierta públicamente.

Por esto, los invitamos a participar a todos completando el cuestionario que les entregarán los teachers y depositándolo en la urna que está habilitada en el hall de entrada.

Thank you very much. See you in the year two thousand and fifty-five !



Is a project, which will store relevant information of today’s world. Our teachers, students, and staff will gather meaningful data about our present (2017), e.g. local and international news, what students expect about their future and even A.T.I.C.A.N.A. BNC’s future. Everyone will have to try to imagine what Tucumán and A.T.I.C.A.N.A. will be like in 38-years-time.

This Time Capsule will be opened in the year 2055, for A.T.I.C.A.N.A.’s Centennial, and you could be there, at that very moment, to revive this unique experience of finding yourself, your ideas and the drawings you made 50 years in the past.

All our students, big and small, are invited to participate in this quest of picturing how this world we live in, will be in 2055!

We invite you to participate! Ask your teacher to give you the questionnaire, answer it at home and deposit it in the box in the entrance hall.

Let’s have fun together and enjoy this long-term project!